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Get Increase Your Sell In Ebay E-Commerce Platform

Ebay Basic Plan

₹ 5999 /- ₹ 7499/-
  • • Note: (Ebay Basic Product Listings & Optimization Only 50 SKU)
  • • SKU will be counted on the variation of the product i.e 4 variation of 1 product will be 1 SKU and 8 variation of 1 product will be 2 SKU
  • • Keyword Updation On existing listings
  • • Claim Submissions-10 & Competitor analysis
  • • Title and Description-50 With Price Calculation Strategy.
  • • Growth Call Discussion-1 & CTR enhancement activity.
  • • Campaign run of high CTR listing-100
  • • Images Enhancing-50

Get Increase Your Sell In Ebay E-Commerce Platform

Ebay Standard Plan

₹ 7829 /- ₹ 9786/-
  • • Note: (Ebay Standard Product Listings & Optimization Only 100 SKU)
  • • SKU will be counted on the variation of the product i.e 4 variation of 1 product will be 1 SKU and 8 variation of 1 product will be 2 SKU
  • • Keyword Updation On existing listings
  • • Claim Submissions-15 & Competitor analysis
  • • Title and Description-100 With Price Calculation Strategy.
  • • Growth Call Discussion-3 in week & CTR enhancement activity.
  • • Campaign run of high CTR listing-200 & Organic marketing-50
  • • Social media Promotions & Images Enhancing-100
  • • Performance management

Get Increase Your Sell In Ebay E-Commerce Platform

Ebay Premium Plan

₹ 11511 /- ₹ 14389/-
  • • Note: (Ebay Premium Product Listings & Optimization Only 150 SKU)
  • • SKU will be counted on the variation of the product i.e 4 variation of 1 product will be 1 SKU and 8 variation of 1 product will be 2 SKU
  • • Keyword Updation On existing listings
  • • Claim Submissions-25 & Competitor analysis
  • • Title and Description-300 With Price Calculation Strategy.
  • • Unlimited Growth Call Discussion & CTR enhancement activity.
  • • Campaign run of high CTR listing-300 & Organic marketing-100
  • • Social media Promotions & Images Enhancing-150
  • • Performance management & POA for suspension revork

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eBay Product Listing Services

There are many online marketplaces available on internet but eBay is one of the most widely used and respected online auction and shopping website. EBay doesn't need any introduction - it has approximately 150+ million active users and 17 million unique visitors each month. The statistic shows that about 55 million items are added per day on eBay into more than 50K categories. If you want to maximize your sales then selling your products on eBay marketplace is a good idea. At Data Outsourcing India, we help businesses and individuals to list or add their products efficiently on eBay at affordable prices.

We have highly skilled and well-experienced ecommerce product data entry teams to manage eBay data entry, eBay product listing, eBay bulk product upload and eBay product inventory management responsibilities. Our eBay listing services professionals strictly follow product upload or photo editing guidelines set by eBay so that you can sell easily and profitably. We have been offering eBay product data entry services to worldwide clients from diverse verticals including, but not limited to, apparel & accessories, automotive, computer, consumer products, cosmetics, electronics, home accessories, sports, luxury watches, and more.

  • You should create an account and register your name on Ebay
  • Once the customer sees your product and wishes to make a purchase, you will receive a notification to ship the product
  • List your products on the Ebay marketplace.
  • You can deliver the product to the customer and confirm shipment
  • Ebay will deposit the funds into your bank account after deducting the fees for their services

1. eBay Product Data Entry

We create attractive and engaging product listings to grab the attention of online buyers. Our eBay data entry specialists can manually add products on your eBay account or enter product details such as SKU, title, description, price, image URL, payment details into CSV spreadsheet format so that you can upload products effortlessly.

2. eBay Bulk Product Upload

To upload hundreds or thousands products at once, our eBay product upload services experts employ tested listing software such as Turbo Lister, Auctiva, Vendio and Blackthorne. We are equally at ease listing items either at a fixed price or set up an auction.

3. Category Management

Our eBay listing professionals carefully research category of your products and precisely assign your items to appropriate category or sub-category. It helps shoppers to find your items quickly.

4. Product Titles / Descriptions

To set your products apart from the crowd, we create custom-made titles and descriptions for your products. By unique, keyword rich and search engine friendly titles or descriptions, you can achieve better visibility on leading search engines and enhance sales.

Why outsource eBay product listing services to Cruzen Digital?

If you want to focus on your core processes or enhance your sales then outsourcing eBay listing services to us is a profitable option. We have talented eBay data entry teams with years of experience to effectively manage your account. Our end-to-end eBay management support enables you to run your business effortlessly and sell products on eBay with utmost profitability. The product photo editors and content writers at DOI, make your listings nice-looking and informative to influence online shoppers for completing purchase orders with you.

Our team can handle everything from uploading products on your eBay account to order processing and inventory management. We offer you full liberty to send us source material in any format which you find most convenient. Our expertise allows us to add products manually as well as upload products in bulk as per your requirements. You can test our eBay product entry services today without any commitment by requesting FREE TRIAL. It would give you an idea on our work quality, productivity and professionalism.

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Zahid Khan

Cruzen Digital did a fantastic job of account backup. Thank you very much for your warm words of encouragement. Your service is fantastic. I constantly require assistance of this nature to advance my business. Once more, many thanks to Team Cruzen digital. Amazing business.

Juli Shah
Best Quality Service!

We hired Cruzendigital to help us for our digital marketing campaign. They were professional, talented, knowledgeable, and great to work with. They have always helped us find innovative ways of generating revenue and increasing our online traffic. I recommend them to everyone looking for a perfect Digital Marketing Partner!

Ravi Kumar
Perfect Service!

It's an amazing company. They were given a mission to create a website for our professional firm with a very tight timeline. They met and exceeded all of our expectations and in a couples of days we had a great website that has served us very well. I highly recommended Cruzen digital !!

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